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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tips and Tricks to get more views from your free advertising forum posts

Free advertising forums are a great way to get traffic to your blog - best of all, it's completely free! I have been posting on such forums for a while now and so have gained knowledge. I have compiled a list of tips to help you.

These tips and tricks will help you get more views of your free advertising forum ads. You can add your own by leaving a comment.

1 Always have an attention grabbing subject line. This will decide whether people open up your advert or not. Offering people something will attract attention - eg. "Free e-book here."

2 Don't be put off from posting your ads at smaller forums. They stay on page 1 for longer, therefore reducing the number of times you need to re-post. You'll get more views per ad in general.

3 A well known tip is to place a "P.S." message at the end of your post. For example, "P.S. this offer is limited to the first few respondants only." This will make the reader think about acting now, rather than later.

4 Your signature can get you a fair amount of traffic for no extra work. The first thing you should do when you register at a forum, is to contruct a signature. This will be displayed everytime you post a message and even when you reply to other people's messages.

5 Replying to your own message will put your post top of the list again. Some forums don't allow repeating a message, but you can get around this by posting "updates."

6 Start a forum of your own! As the admin, you can set your ads as stickies or announcements - your ads will appear above everyone else's - therefore getting a lot more views.

7 Make use of your control panel. This makes updating your threads easily. Simply click on "subscribed threads" or "view your posts" - depending on the forum. Simply right click on the ads you wish to bump (or update) and click on open in new window.

If you have any tips and tricks, please post them in a comment below.

Get traffic to your new blog

There are numerous ways to get traffic to your blog. You could pay for your traffic, via services like Google Adwords, or you take advantage of the many free ways to market your blog.

Advertise your blog at free advertising forums, like http://free-advertising.forum3.info/ - this is a completely free way to get free traffic to your blog. Simply signup and post adverts freely. A list of blogs that allow you to post free ads can be found on this blog. Also, tips and tricks to getting most out your forum adverts can be found too.

Make use of your signature. Everytime you post a message at a forum, your signature will push traffic to your blog. You can find tips to writing a good signature on this blog.

Sign up to traffic exchanges, such as Linkreferral. This works by visiting other linkreferral member's sites. In return, other linkreferral member's will visit your blog. They can even review and comment

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Make money by blogging

The first thing you should do is to make a blog. Theme it around something that you are interested in or have good knowledge of, so that writing your blog will come easily.

I have used blogger for most of my blogs, you can sign up for a free blog here. Alternatively, you can sign up to Wordpress or another host, but if you are a beginner, try blogger first.

If you have a Google account already, you can sign-in to blogger using that account - no need to register a new account! When you've logged in, it will take you to your dashboard. From there, click on 'Create a new Blog.' Then, follow the wizards to set-up your blog.

Once set-up, you can start posting content. This is the most important part to blogging. The more relevant content, the more chance you have of getting visitors from search engines.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Welcome to the official guide to making money online

Welcome to the official guide to making money online - using just a computer and access to the internet. This will focus on a variety of ways to help you beat the credit crunch, including how to open an online shop, or how to make a blog (like this one) and to monetise it.

I hope you find this guide helpful.

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