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Friday, 1 May 2009

Open an online store - with no start-up costs

You may be suprised to learn how easy it is to open an online store. Opening up a store at cafepress is so easy and 100% FREE! You also have no hassle about storage, shipping or customer service. Cafepress have a wide range of things to sell, from t-shirts to stationery, gifts and lots more things that can be printed onto.

When you register, you will be asked to name your online shop. This will form your unique URL for you to promote too. After sucessfully registering, you can start to add products to your shop.

You design what you'd like to be printed on such products and then simply promote your unique store URL. Get yourself decent photo-editing software and start creating some designs. You then upload your designs to your chosen products and set the selling price.

Cafepress have a basic price for each item. You then decide your mark-up. This is how much you'll make each time a product sells. You get full conotrol on how much mark-up you attach to a product.

So, you now have your products and your online store URL. You're now ready to promote and start selling. Read the marketing articles on this blog to learn how to gain traffic to your online shop.


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