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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tracking your adsense performance through channels

You can effectively track where your income is coming from with Adsense Channels. The simplest way to track earnings on your blog is to setup a URL channel. This will simply track the cumulative number of impressions and clicks from that specific URL.

URL channels are easy to setup, but as you learn more about adsense, you will want to track ad units seperately. This is where you'll need to setup custom channels.

To start, login to your adsense account and click on Adsense Setup. Now click on channels. Click on 'add new custom channels.' Simply name your channel and click on 'add channel.' Your channel name should be something that will tell you straight away where it is, what size it is, type of ads and anything else you need. For example, here are two of mine....

Channel Name
blog-local-list-crewe LR t&i

It consists of the name of the blog, ad unit size (LR = Large Rectangle) and type of ads (t&i = text and images)

Channel Name
free-advertising.forum3 L i

This is the URL of the forum, L=Leaderboard and i=images only

When you receive a click, you will know exactly where it came from using custom channels in this way.

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